Property Styling with “The Styling Group”

"The Styling Group" Richmond Install

Just completed an installation with Melbourne’s newest Styling Collaboration; “The Styling Group”

Concept by Roberto Iaccino and Edwinda Harris for the freshly renovated classic single fronted Richmond Terrace.

I LOVED working with the team as we furiously turned a house into a home in half a day!

The highlight for me? The squeals of creative delight and banter as we each issued firm opinions on design direction, cushion colours and all the glorious elements that maketh a scheme at Warehouse Iaccino!

Insiders Tip: Lets just say theres ALOT of coffee involved in pulling it all together!

So before the property sells and the scheme disappears, heres a few snaps from day!


“The Styling Group”, Bedroom detail

“The Styling Group” Richmond Install Bedroom

“The Styling Group” Richmond install, Master Bedroom

“The Styling Group” : Open Plan Living



3 Comments on “Property Styling with “The Styling Group”

  1. Loving your work beautiful lady, the colour scheme is just fantastic! I recently bought a couch the same colour and am in the market for a rug, are you able to divulge your trade secrets as to how I can get my hands on one? Keep up the good work xx

    • Glad you like the scheme! I love yellow!…The rug was something we had in stock as it came back from another job – Its super gorgeous in real life…and delicious under the feet too!
      Nothing beats a good wool rug!

  2. Hi Lucina, love the blog! You seem to be having fun. Keep up the good work. I will stay tuned. M x

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